Our Beans

Our green beans are sourced from highly regarded growers and importers covering regions across the globe. We operate under strict 100% fair trade conditions and only source the highest rated green beans available.


Brazil Cerrado is one of the biggest coffee producing arabica coffee regions worldwide. We purchase this coffee from a co-­‐op whose farmers are selectively chosen based on resources and infrastructure. The coffee is all machine picked and colour sorted with the latest technologies,  which aids in consistency for this product. Brazil coffee typically gives us caramel sugars, nuts,  raisin flavour & is the perfect underlying flavour or base for our blends.

Papua New Guinea - Organic

Purosa Estate is an isolated coffee growing area farmed by local land owners deep in the New Guinea highlands. Nearby village people are employed to harvest and process thecoffee ready for export. With an average rainfall of 8000mm & nutrient rich volcanic soil, the small plot owners in the Purosa Valley flourish in this coffee land utopia. 98% of Purosa Estate’s crop is exported to Japan, where discerning palates demand excellence. Cup: sweet round aromas of nut, milk chocolate and dry fruits. The coffee has a full body with a smooth mouth feel & soft acidity.


The foothills of Mt Kenya lay claim to some of the oldest plantations in the world. The finest Kenyan coffees (AA) are bright, floral & spirited. In tasting we find a rich, full bodied coffee with explosions of citrus & black currant. The finish is balanced and wine like.


This beautiful single origin coffee consists of a handful of quality focused producers from the Bogota Co-­‐op, high up in the Cundinamarca region of the Andean Mountains. Grown in a perfect  microclimate, this coffee features a dominant body & pronounced acidity. Expect deep flavours of pear & dark berries followed by a rich, dark chocolate finish.

India - Robusta

This Indian robusta produces a huge mouthfeel of full bodied characteristics. This coffee is rated one of the lowest acidity coffees available. Flavours expected of this coffee are smokey tobacco & roasted nuts. This bean is best suited to blend into a top quality espresso blend, where balance and overall complexity are finely worked in together.

Indonesian Mandehling

A full body coffee with herbal tones throughout ending in a spicy finish.

Colombian Caramel

A single-origin to please any coffee drinker, Colombian Caramel is a full-city roast of one of the world's most popular and impressive green bean varieties, Colombian Excelso.  A very well rounded coffee, it has a medium body, good acidity and a smooth, sweet flavour making it the basis of many blends, but also a fantastic single-origin choice.

Ethiopian Mocha

A distinctive flavour with a winey aftertaste. Considered to be the birthplace of the coffee bean! We roast it to a city level roast highlighting this coffee's gamey qualities.

Finca Kassandra

We proudly use Single Origin Beans from the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Finca Kassandra farm in Mexico. Supporting coffee communities & the environment with every cup. Ethically Sourced | Artisan Roasted | Passionately Prepared.

Guatemala Vienna

One of our finest. This coffee has an excellent balance of body to acidity. It has a fresh, clean and mild flavour.

Kenya AA

A very high 'acid' coffee giving it a sweetness and tang. It is snappy and rich. 

Kenya PB

Peaberry beans are rounder and quite dense. They are highly prized and are smooth but flavoursome. A high 'acid' coffee roasted to Vienna (light).

New Guinea Caramel

A gutsy and full flavoured coffee. It is a Caramel (dark) roast and has excellent body.

New Guinea Vienna

A sweet coffee that is fragrant and light. It has a mild flavour roasted to Vienna (light).

Nicaraguan Maragogype

Maragogype beans are the largest of all Arabica coffee beans and can be up to triple the size. Our Nicaraguan is mild, with a distinctive earthy, mellow flavours. Roasted to Vienna (light).

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