Bare Coffee Company is an Australian crafted experience, built on the flavours inspired from wine by Bare Coffee Founder and CEO, Michael Datta. Bare Coffee is developing a rich, unique and exceptional quality coffee experience, crafted from years of wine knowledge to invite a delightfully new sensation in your coffee.

Our mission behind Bare Coffee is simple - Everyone deserves great coffee, all the time!

We're so proud of consistency producing high quality coffee roasts. Our key focus is and will always be on delivering the best coffee to our customers across the globe.

Our foundations are based bringing the knowledge and flavours of winemaking to our coffee blends. Great coffee is our obsession, and finding unique characteristics matched with wine our motivation. We source the finest quality beans and roast carefully, and approach every blend with the same belief - it's coffee, so make it memorable!

We value the experience of seeing our coffee being poured across select restaurants, bistros and specialty coffee shops across the US, Australia and New Zealand. When a customer takes on Bare Coffee, we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of in-house support and services, including: Barista training, machine installation and learning, online learning centre for your staff, and much more.

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